Tenniscontact doesnt support Internet Explorer 6

Unfortunately if you are using Internet Explorer 6, we have chosen to not support it. There are few reasons to this.

The first and main reason is that Tenniscontact is a free website done voluntarily by people giving some of their spare time and supporting the aging Internet Explorer would take them too much time and cause too much hassle

The second reason is in relation with the first one. Why supporting Internet Explorer 6 should take more time than supporting the other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome? And the reason is again simple: Internet Explorer doesnt follow the web standards meaning that when you make a website following the standards, the good browsers will interprete your code the same when Internet Explorer wont so you have to add hack and spend a lot of time to have the same result on Internet Explorer 6 and the other browsers

A third reason is that Internet Explorer 6 is clearly not a good browser so we can give you a reason to try something else. Why not Firefox, Opera or Safari? Personally, I have a preference for Firefox but if you want to stick to Internet Explorer then just upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Indeed we support it. When I say Internet Explorer is not a good web browser, it is simply because it is slower than its competitors to render a page, to execute javascript and there are more security holes which take longer to be fixed.

A fourth reason is that Internet Explorer 6 is old and ugly. Internet Explorer 8 is a good improvement so why would you stick to an old web browser (8 years old now) which is a pain in the ass?

A last reason would be to switch for something else than Internet Explorer and again I invite you to try Firefox and its numerous plugins. You will find below a list of web browsers with links to their website for download. They are all free.