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05/11/2009 - Migration and update

A short news to let you know tenniscontact has migrated on a new server (more powerful). There shouldn't be any issues with that but if ever you find something is not working as it should please let us know by using our contact form.

The tennis rankings have been updated yesterday as well.

18/10/2009 - Tennis rankings updated

The ATP and WTA tennis rankings have been updated.

16/08/2009 - New chat

There is a new chat. It's on the bottom. You can see the number of members connected on the website and who they are. Just click on CHAT on the left of the bar and choose from the menu who you want to talk to.

Hope you'll like it :-)

08/08/2009 - Find a tennis

The "Find a tennis" section has been reviewed for something more simple, hope you'll like it. Few bugs have been fixed as well. Finally, the style of the submenu has changed.

05/08/2009 - About the photos

I noticed few issues in the past few days with the photos you upload. It should now be fixed and you can upload gif, jpeg or png and probably some other formats but it's not tested. For those who have a black image in their profile, I invite them to try again to upload a picture and if there is still a problem just contact us.

01/08/2009 - iTenniscontact

Today is seeing the proper launch of iTenniscontact. iTenniscontact is your personalized home page. You can add gadgets such as RSS feeds, forecast, tennis news, your followers on twitter. In the coming months, more features will be added such as facebook friends status. I hope you will appreciate this feature. We'll greatly appreciate feedback either positive or negative.

Few bugs have been fixed as well.

31/07/2009 - An other update

There is about an update every day these days and today is no exception. This update brings few bugs fixes, a new page Contact us and some esthetical improvements. There should be an other update tomorrow which will see the come back of the customizable home page.

ATP and WTA rankings have been updated

30/07/2009 - Tenniscontact remake

As you probably noticed the update that was due over the week-end has been done. I didn't post a news earlier because I didn't feel the website was stable enough. You might not see a lot of difference but this update was a major rewrite of how the website works. Please, if you notice any bugs, write a message to marc.

Few more information:
- Videos is missing because of some changes in our video provider, hopefully we'll find a solution as soon as possible.
- The chat is missing and will be back with major improvements.
- I will add a page contact with a form to easily write to us.

I think that's it for now. Have a good surf!

24/07/2009 - Rankings update

The rankings have been updated. Federer is back :-)

A quite big update of the website should happen over the week-end. Stay tuned!

01/07/2009 08:48 - About the videos

As you probably noticed the videos haven't been updated for few days. This is due to a modification in the video provider, therefore we need to update the way we deal with the videos. This will come with the next update of the site which will happen soon.

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